"Quick! Hit record."

Sometimes these three words result in the best shot of the day. We're a small, award-winning videography and film production company, and our goal is simple: to make sure you get that shot -- on time and on budget.

Company Background

Like many new businesses, QuickHitRecord Media started in a basement in 2008. QHR Principal Nick Brown was working as a corporate video producer by day, but wanted to push himself to create even better content. He decided to combine his past experience in still photography, graphic arts, and theatrical lighting design with his expanding knowledge of video production to create a company that would focus on telling impactful stories with beautifully crafted visuals. The company finally went from a side project to his full-time job in 2015, and continues to expand.

Current and past clients include: The Metropolitan Group, Moda Health, FLIR, US Fish and Wildlife Service, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Biamp Systems, SAIC, Leidos, The Wild Salmon Center, Save the Redwoods League, Freedom Service Dogs of America, Northwest Berry Foundation, Create-A-Cure, Equality Texas, Spoke & Leaf Farm, The Water Project, Progressive Printing, Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, Association of American Medical Doctors, National Transportation Safety Board

What sets QuickHitRecord Media apart?

  • Storytelling. Video is an emotional medium. We shoot with the final edit in mind, providing visuals that support the story/mission of the piece, rather than just grabbing shots because they "look cool".

  • Pre-production. Great video doesn’t just happen. We are full partners with our clients, working with them ahead of time to make sure that can execute their vision. We put our experience scouting locations, hiring crew, casting, and storyboarding to good use on every shoot.

  • Exceptional lighting and motivated camera movement. If we do our jobs right, our audience will be so absorbed in the content that they won’t be paying attention to these things -- but on a subconscious level, they’ll be reinforcing your message.

  • Flexibility to travel. Sometimes, it's important that a video has perfect visual continuity. We are equipped to execute our craft away from home, often in difficult or remote locations. Our work has taken us all over the country!

  • Scalability. Whether you need a crew of 10 or 2, we will work with you to meet the needs of your production. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide a high baseline of quality that goes up exponentially with each crew member that we bring on.