We believe that the art and feeling of films shouldn’t only be reserved for the silver screen.

Like many new businesses, QuickHitRecord Media started in a basement. QHR Principal Nick Brown was working as a corporate video producer by day, but wanted to push himself to create even better content. His goal was to combine his past experience in still photography, graphic arts, and theatrical lighting design with his knowledge of video production to focus on telling impactful stories with beautifully crafted visuals. The company finally went from a side project to a full-time endeavor in 2015, and continues to expand.

Let's make something cinematic together!



Nick Brown
Principal & Director of Photography

Nick is a filmmaker at heart. He combines lighting and camera techniques learned from Hollywood DPs with a proven post-production workflow refined over the last sixteen years to move past basic coverage, and help you engage your audience on a deeper level.

When he's not on set or in the editing bay, you can find him on-trail, adventuring in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Take a look at his photo blog: Distance&Elevation

QuickHitRecord Media is a proud member of the Oregon Media Production Association.